Take the mystery out of selecting
and developing leaders


SwitchingMusic. When employees at all levels of a company are empowered to make the decisions they feel are necessary, individual job satisfaction, corporate efficiency and productivity soar. @HR-analytica we postulated a theory that clients can improve performance by allowing employee to make decisions without constantly consulting superiors that such empowerment releases the creative power of the team, given the right work environment and level of responsibility. We called it “Switching Music” a shared service practice where a team member on a monthly basis serves as the team lead, the following months a different team member does same.

At the end of Seven months, ( say a team of 7) you are able to predict who has a better leadership drive, performance etc. The team lead with the best performance get a reward.. In the last 3 months we have implemented “The Switching music” in 8 startup. the story is beginning to change.

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